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Dentist Montenegro Price list

Our dental services Prices in EURO €
Implants ASTRA TECH 800
Sinus Lift (include bone material) 700
Bone grafting with membrane 650
Bone material 200
Membran 200
Tooth extraction(frontal,premolar,molar) 40
Surgical Extraction 150
Root apices reserction 170
Root canal treatment 36 per canal
Dental crowns and bridges  
Porcelan fused metal crown 170
Circonium crown 270
Shoulder preparation of the tooth  
Porcelain fused to gold crown 190+price of Au(3g)
Full porcelain/ceramic crown( eMAX) 280
Temporary crown 18
Metal-ceramic crown on an implant 250
Circonium crown on an implant 350
Porcelain veneers  
Porcelain or ceramic veneer 300
Aesthetic treatments  
Composite filling/white filling 70
Circoniumceramic Inlay 290
Gold-Inlay 190+price of Au (4g)
Ceramic Inlay (Porcelain-Inlay) 210
Bleaching 200 per jaw
Teeth scaling+sand blasting+polishing 40
Full denture with acrylic teeth 400
Denture with metal plate 550
Partial denture with clasps 550
Partial denture with attachments 900
More dental services  
Comprehensive new patient exam,treatment plan,price estimation free
Local anaesthesia included
Panoral x-ray (digital) 40
Small x-ray (digitale) 15

Dentist Montenegro